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FAQs – Safeadsensetraffic.com

Got questions regarding our brand and how we deliver website visitors? Select a tab below and find the answers to your questions!

What Kind Of Traffic Will i Receive?

You will get real targeted traffic from any niche of your choice (Apart from Adult/Violent Contents). We will carefully choose your targets according to your requested audience type so as to get maximum result.

Where does your traffic come from?

Our traffic comes from a combination of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Pinterest, Yahoo and other major social media outlets

Are the visitors unique?

The visitors are 24 hour uniques, however the vast majority of visitors remain unique for the duration of your campaign aside from returning visitors.

Will The Traffic Show On My Analytics?

Statistic counters can record different data because by default they monitor just specific visits but not all traffic and there are many reasons for this. That is why I provide a tracking link which shows all traffic.

How Much Traffic Would I Get Daily?

Depending on the package choosen, You will get between 1000 – 10000 daily visitors to your website and blogs daily.

Can I Target Tier 1 countries?

Yes, You can target any Tier 1 countries of your choice as long as you include it as an extra gig.

Do you provide region targeted traffic?

Yes we do! We have traffic available from most countries.

Is this really real traffic?

Yes. Unlike most sellers using bots and / or software with proxies to drive artificial hits to your website, we’re actually promoting your website with our affiliate ad network to REAL PEOPLE who will actually browse your website rather than bounce immediately.

Do you have a refund policy?

We will issue a full refund if requested within 8 hours of your campaign start time. Since we’re also paying to advertise your website, there will be no refunds after 8 hours have passed.

Who is Safeadsensetraffic?

Safeadsensetraffic is an online website traffic supplier that provides services that improve a website’s popularity or exposure with the help of boosters such as bulk traffic packages, click campaigns, and the likes.

What kind of services do you provide to us?

Safeadsensetraffic has 5 services that could help boost any website popularity-wise and SEO-wise.


  • Targeted Visitors – We offer 100% real human targeted website visitors that can be modified with your preferred niche and target geo location.
  • Click Booster – We offer clicks that come from our network partners that have higher CTR (click through rate) compared to other websites.
  • Alexa Booster – We can improve your Alexa Ranking by sending real human visitors that have installed Alexa toolbars on their browsers. This can gradually improve your Alexa ranking.
  • Mobile Visitors – We offer mobile-friendly visitors that can be used in app or mobile-version site promotions. This mobile traffic is composed of real human visitors.
  • Social Signals – We send Twitter followers, Google Plus 1s, Pinterest followers, and YouTube Views. These boosters comply with each and every social media site’s terms and conditions. All boosters are composed of real profiles.

How do your traffic campaigns work?

Certainly! Safeadsensetraffic gives you the option to boost your campaigns with 2 bonus selections:


    1. Fast Delivery – Delivers visitors within 3 days
    1. Premium Traffic Network – Visitors coming from PPC and SEO sources


Just check their corresponding checkboxes in the order form as well before checking out your order.

Are the website visitors’ bot traffic? How can you ensure that your visitors are 100% real?

Safeadsensetraffic knows that every website only needs real human visitors in order to achieve accurate results in terms of sales, clicks, hits, and conversions. We have hundreds of high quality network partners that only provide us with 100% real human visitors meeting Visitorz’ high service standards.

What kind of traffic campaigns do you offer?

A. Targeted Website Visitors


Targeted traffic has some benefits that are underrated by other website owners. As much as possible, it is advised that new website owners should first aim for targeted traffic.


  1. They reduce bounce rates – Since these visitors are already interested on your niche, the chance of them leaving your website immediately will decrease.
  2. They produce more clicks, views and engagements – These visitors will most likely generate more clicks and cause more online activity because they can easily connect with your website’s niche.
  3. They can be easily converted – Their curiosity and interest towards your niche gives you a heads up in converting your visitors to paying customers.

B. Click Traffic


  1. Clicks are one of the significant factors that affect your webpage’s SEO factor. Search engine crawlers recognize sites with a natural number of click through rates (or CTR). If a website receives an adequate number of clicks, it gains a higher chance of rank improvement on organic results.
  2. We always remind our clients that our clicks do not convert immediately. Yes, it is convertible IF and ONLY IF your webpages are engaging enough to gather sales from your clicks.

C. Alexa Booster


  1. Alexa Ranking is the ranking system provided by Alexa. These are obtained by tracking the number of times your website was visited by viewers that have installed Alexa Toolbars on their browsers.
  2. A lot of advertisers still use Alexa rankings as their basis in finding their next possible partners in terms of online promotions and the likes that boost your website’s value.
  3. We partnered up with numerous website networks that have Alexa Visitors. These visitors have Alexa Toolbars installed on their browsers.

D. Mobile Booster


Our network of web partners has mobile-friendly websites and landing pages that can give you the visitors that you need on your site. After matching the proper sites with the appropriate niche that you’ve provided, those visitors will then be redirected to your mobile-friendly pages. Our visitors are combined with traffic suitable for smartphones, mobile phones and tablets.

E. Social Signals


Safeadsensetraffic ensures the integrity of our clients when it comes to their social media accounts. Our company has tried and tested numerous social boosting campaigns. These tests measure each campaign’s efficiency as well as its legitimacy in terms of every social media’s meticulous TOC and TOA. This is why we are proud to inform you that every social booster campaign in Visitorz does comply with various Terms of Agreements.

How do I place an order? Can I order more than one type of campaign?

Safeadsense traffic ensures that ordering your chosen campaign will only take you about 5 minutes to finish.


  1. Choose a traffic campaign – Customers should first choose the campaign that he or she will purchase. Adjust the scroll to identify your chosen bundle. Choose your target country and category within the drop box field.
  2. Enter your website’s URL – Enter the URL of the website that you want to send traffic to. REMEMBER to type it CORRECTLY to avoid future problems with your campaign.
  3. Choose add-ons – For added features, simply check on an add-ons checkbox.
  4. Log in or create a new account – Whether you’re a new customer or an existing user, your order will be processed based on your unique profile.
  5. Choose your payment method & check out – Choose from our selection of payment gateways and fill out the rest of the required field boxes. Your campaign will start 10 – 12 hours after we have reviewed your details in our system.


Remember that you can order more than 1 type of campaign. If you need targeted online visitors, an Alexa Booster, and Twitter followers, this combination is possible! Right after finishing your first order, click on another campaign and repeat the ordering process. This order will appear on your shopping cart.

I want to use Google Analytics to track the amount of website visitors. Is that advisable?

Google Analytics may be one of the most popular tracking tools for traffic, but we don’t advise our clients in using it. This is mainly because Google Analytics doesn’t have the same parameters in counting redirected traffic compared to
other traffic analytics.


Some traffic may not be recorded by Google Analytics but can be tracked by other Analytics. We advise you to use our tracking system to check the status of your campaign.

I need to ask something regarding my campaign. How do I contact you?

You can send your inquiries in 2 easy ways:


  1. Leave us a message via our Contact Form
  2. Send us an email at: support@safeadsensetraffic.com


Our staff will reply to your inquiries or concerns within 24 – 48 hours. Don’t worry as we check all messages on a daily basis and take meticulous care in answering a customer’s every question.