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Learning the Varieties of Safe Google Adsense Traffic

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Learning the Varieties of Safe Google Adsense Traffic

Learning the Varieties of Safe Google Adsense Traffic

Are you looking for some extra money? Then you might want to consider about becoming a publisher in Google Adsense. In these days, the competition between one company to another is getting intense. Each of them will try to use any means to introduce their company, services, and products to their customers. One of the methods they will use is online advertisement. Google created Google Adsense in order to facilitate those companies with their advertising service. Here we will discuss everything about the special service, including all types of safe Google Adsense traffic.

How Google Adsense Works
Google Adsense is an advertising program that allows publishers to advertise some ads produced by companies. Before we get to know how this program works, there are 4 roles that get involved in the system. Those are advertiser, ad service provider, publisher, and consumer.

a. Advertiser
Advertiser is the one who creates the ads. After making their ads, they will utilize ads service provider to promote their product or company. Since Google Adsense is an Internet-based program, the ads will be published via online. There are several kinds of ads services advertisers can choose for the promotion.
• AdSense for Content
This is a type that enables advertisers to do the promotion in a blog site. Bloggers will advertise the ads in their personal blog websites
• AdSense for Search
In this type, consumer will learn about the ads after they use Google search engine to search for something. The ads will appear if what they search is related to the ads itself. Publishers can install the search engine in their own blog or website
• AdSense for Video
We usually can see this type of ad in videos uploaded into YouTube
• AdSense for Mobile
It is a type of ads that only appears in mobile devices

b. Ads Service Provider
Ads service provider is the one who provides a web application which can facilitate advertisers to publish their ads. In this case, Google is the ads service provider, while the application is known as Google AdWord. If advertisers want to use their service, they need to make their Google AdWord account beforehand. Once they already have it, they will be able to do the advertising. Of course they can only do that with formats and costs which have been determined by Google.

c. AdSense Publisher
Publishers are the people who help Google to promote or publish every ad officially registered in Google. They will advertise the ads in their own blogs or websites. Hence, it is important to have a blog or website so you can become Google AdSense publisher. However, not everyone can become a publisher in this program. You have to do a registration in AdSense, which is free of charge. The only requirement you must fulfill is to have a personal blog or website. Once you have registered, Google will choose the one who really meets their criterias and conditions. If you have become an official publisher, they will give you the permission to publish AdSense adverts. You still need to follow the terms and conditions that applies, though.

d. Consumer
Consumer is the person who shows an interest toward the ads. If they click on the ads, the advertisers must pay for Google. In the meantime, Google will share the profits with the publishers. This is what we call as Cost Per Click (CPC).

Now that we have learned every role in the program, it is time to learn how it works. The system is quite simple. Firstly, advertisers will need to register an ad they want to publish. Then, Google will permit a publisher to advertise the ads on their blog or website. As an ads provider, Google will also help promoting the ads so they are easy to find for consumers. Whenever a consumer (blog/website visitor) clicks on the ads, publishers will get paid by Google via AdSense Virtual Account. The fee will be based on CPC which has been set by the advertisers. Publishers can withdraw their revenue once it already meets their payment threshold.

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