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What is Google Adsense

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Google Adsense is one of the most popular advertising platforms with over 1 million publishers according to the search engine giant. Back in the first quarter of 2011, Google has earned $2.43 billion ($9.71 billion for the whole year) through Adsense alone, which translates to 28% of the company’s total revenue.

As I’m sure you know, AdSense is the publisher side of the Google Ads network. You install AdSense on a site, and you wait while the money rolls in. If you’re lucky, it’ll be dimes rolling down that hill into your pocketbook, not pennies!

Okay, so AdSense has one flaw, and that’s the general all-around low pay. It’s a PPC network, which is always a low value proposition for all but a few extremely lucrative niches. It relies on people clicking the ads, which in turn relies on having enough people to click them to make you cash, and Google takes their cut; a hefty 32%.
AdSense is a program open to just about everyone, but there are a few things that will disqualify your site from the program.

A site that doesn’t have enough text/content on it to review will be rejected. This typically means sites that are nothing more than a single landing page, sites that have all of their content embedded in Flash or videos, and sites that are full of spam and low quality content. There are also some content industries that will get you rejected, like illegal pharmaceuticals.

A site that has a design making it virtually unusable. Something like white text on a neon yellow background is unacceptable as far as Google is concerned. If your design is hard to use, Google may well reject you.
A lack of essential pages can earn you a rejection. Essential pages, as far as Google is concerned, are the privacy policy, the about page, and the contact page. Google loves it when webmasters make these pages, even if they aren’t strictly necessary for something like a basic personal blog.

To successfully apply to AdSense, you’re going to need to verify your Google account and your ownership of the site. Verification via email and name is important, and you will need to verify your age with Google as well.

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